My name is Lauren Harmon, I'm a photographer + an artist.

My philosophy is pretty simple: I know how precious my photographs are to me. My goal is to provide you with a little slice of photography that you adore.

My photography will always include:

I love images that are full of soul & uniquely creative, that truly evoke emotion. My hope is that my photography will move people.

I look for moments that are meaningful when I am photographing you + your family. Whether it's a big belly laugh... a moment of tenderness as I hear about how you + your husband first met... the look in your daughter's eyes as she tells me how much she loves her daddy... or it just might be that second right before,during, and after the kiss that pronounces you husband + wife. I want to capture the happiness you feel when you smile, not just your smile... I want to capture the soulfulness of your life.

creative lighting.
I look for lighting that flatters the human form. I like warm, bright light so I tend to stick with natural light but I like to make sure that it has a twist, whether that's silhouetting a pregnant woman in her doorway, carrying a newborn to the window light to capture her cute little dimples, or getting a shot of the bride + groom walking away just as the sun is setting after their beach wedding.

artistic composition.
I am a bit of a rule breaker when it comes to composition, I'll admit it, I like photographing "outside of the box". I don't always center my subjects, I don't always line up the horizon... It really just depends on what I'm shooting, what the feeling of the moment is, and how I feel the image will look best. Anything goes as far as I'm concerned, I have some tried and true techniques that I tend to gravitate towards but I am constantly looking for new angles and framing to keep my images interesting and fresh.

flattering edits.
Simple adjustments can go a long way when it comes to editing. I start with touch-up editing. This includes removing skin blemishes and if needed, brightening the teeth and eyes. My editing style is natural and subtle, I don't want you to look too perfect just really, really good. I then make other slight adjustments to give images the "wow" factor and my personal touch.


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