#Photo-a-day: Day 3 - Dia de los Muertos {day of the dead} Engagement shoot in Tulsa, OK

Here's a throwback to a gorgeous, unique little couple that had a 
super fun and original Dia de los Muertos wedding a few years ago. 
We showcased their theme and little bit of their indie flair in their shoot
and I love everything about their "vibe"... 
So happy to be a part of their celebration! 

Candace + Brandon
Dia de los Muertos Engagement Photos


  1. I really loved the name of your website. I have spent Day 3 of your Phot a Day trip with you but where is the photo you are talking about ?.

  2. I will lobe to see their wedding pictures, kindly share them and give us the full video too as i have a great interest in wedding movies

  3. Well, I remember being clicked in one of the amazing event venues last year before my wedding. It was a prewedding photoshoot and also the engagement party. He proposed me while we were in the gym. It was very cute. He had planned everything before and my parents were also present at the gym then.


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